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Melting machinery in the fire removed the word "action" and confused the bass player. Not that the latter is ever a hard think to do


Oh, Smoke Alarm, Oh smoke alarm
You stem your credibility
You've claimed for eight whole months now
That your batteries need replacing
But all that time you've beeped to
All the best of your ability
My head forever pounding, and
My heart forever racing

My neighbours come to see me
And say 'It's been sixteen fortnights -
Don't you think it's time to take some action
And put out the fire?'
My neighbours, heaven bless them
Are so eth-i-cal-ly forthright
But I'll tend to my own housework
When I jolly well desire

And, at last, it got unbearable
I said to myself 'Criminy!'
And picked the sodding fire up
With a pair of pruning gloves
And stuffed it rather tidily
Within my sooty chimney
And that, Saint Peter, 's how I died
Alleluia, God is love.


from Oskar H Kokoschka (and other untimely mistakes), released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Pointless Frogspawn Adelaide, Australia

Pointless Frogspawn is a combination of Pointless Account and Frogspawn, malefactors on February Album Writing Month who bend time and space to win a pointless trophy with strange lyrics and stranger music and song.

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